It’s here – made another change as a core unit is now running the HD powering the i7. Took out the 2 CPT cords and replaced them with Inakustik cords.

Holy crap sir.

I’m listening to Hugh Masacela song Stimela

Not even broken in, holy crap good. My CPT units will go up for sale tomorrow. Best power cord I have heard!

~ Mike Brown ~



I had a very good experience with the Inakustik LS-1603 speaker cables last month and was sort of skeptical about testing the LS-4004. How could it be way better…

So I let the 4004 cables cook for 36 continuous hours before any listening. Then…

I decided to make it difficult on Inakustik and made my first comparison with the best cable I had, the Stealth Dream that I am selling for a friend. It has a very good reputation and sells for 18000$ CAD.

You know how strict  my listening comparison protocol is. Same for known track and unknown. I know my worst enemy is myself and as any human, hoping reality will match expectation so beware, always beware of yourself.  

So I start with very difficult track of Verdi Requiem with  full orchestra choral and soloist.  I listen to this 4 minute track 3 times to be sure I know it in a very comfortable margin, meaning that 4th listening time does not bring any surprises. Then and only then I switch cables. It takes less than one minute to swap out cables and when I return  to my chair, I wait about one minute so my activity level settles down. Push play button….

A new recording literally. Depth, definition, dynamic, harmonic density. It is like following and understanding or adding a lot more instruments and choirs. It mean soloist can now be followed and more…understood. The other Stealth Dream cable was in comparison flat, boring and lacked information.

The difference is so striking that even on simple music like a violin duo, the gap is maintained. Both violins now have their own personality and space. Amazing!

So I kept doing this, same test same protocol with many tracks with the same conclusion. It is hard to explain but generally when listening to songs, attention is naturally focused on the singer and we follow the singer and simple awareness with accompanied instruments. With the 4004, the relationship between singer and instruments is totally different. Each is totally free to express themselves and the listener can now freely dance between whatever he or she wants to pay attention to. It also mean that you hear much more detail and I would say lot more small nuances than ever before. Indeed backup vocals now have their own space and time…

I still have not listened with analog source: Kronos Pro, Black Beauty arm, ZXT Omega Premium.  I will keep you posted.

Robert, I have only used my reference 2 way monitor speakers to do these test but the electronics ( Tenor 350M 240V 130000$, Tenor line 126500$ and phono preamp 61500$) and digital source with Inakustik NF-2404 interconnects are I think able to show the total potential of these cables.

And what potential! 

I am in a way surprised and disturbed because Stealth cables were so expensive but so deeply happy to be able to own the Inakustik LS-4004 speaker cables; my new reference cables. Thanks for this discovery

Francois Lemay