We set out to design a loudspeaker that delivered on the emotional magic – that “something special” that only wide-banders seem to have — while ensuring that they did not suffer the down sides common to this genre of loudspeakers – namely an elevated upper midrange response, and a lack of bass.

All of this had to be done within a package that was compact, inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing enough to catch the eye…. with an involuntary “wow’!

With a proprietary custom designed full-range driver and a very compactly designed isobaric bass enclosure using two 6.5 inch drivers which fill in the bass frequencies below 100 hz, we have a true full-range performer (admittedly not going into subterranean bass levels) within a petite and extremely space and décor-friendly enclosure.

The Trishna is recommended for rooms up to about 250 sq.ft. ( 25 sq.m ).


Conforming to the Rethm Loudspeaker philosophy we wanted to create a loudspeaker that portrayed all the emotional magic and realism our Loudspeakers are known for.

The Maarga has been designed for the music-lover who wants a little “more” than the Trishna but still wants a reasonably compact loudspeaker that is aesthetically unique.

And what does the Maarga do that the Trishna does not?

After having worked with full-range drivers for a decade, we have noticed that the larger the wide-bander, the better the midrange. The mid- and upper-bass naturally is better and fuller as well ( ….. however, there is a limit to “how big” — as beyond an optimum it starts exhibiting treble loss ). The Maarga delivers on this premise, and quite simply delivers “more” of everything. With a custom made 6 inch driver instead of the 5 inch of the Trishna, with a bigger and longer labyrinth, with a larger isobaric bass enclosure, a more powerful bass amplifier, and a completely different “active” low-pass filter circuit, we are looking at a loudspeaker that takes the Trishna’s performance to the next level.

The Maarga is recommended for rooms up to about 400 sq.ft. ( 40 sq.m. ).


Our largest model was designed to deliver a no-compromise performance that epitomizes all the attributes that Rethm Loudspeakers are known for. The tonal purity, the coherence, the dynamics, the imaging that only great wide-band high-efficiency designs are capable of exhibiting in its quest to get to its reason-de-etre – the natural, eerily realistic portrayal of performances that immediately enables an emotional connection between listener and music.

The Saadhana moves the performance up yet another level. And the heart of his exceptional loudspeaker is our new custom-made 7 inch wide-bander. This driver delivers an unbelievable midrange and, belying conventional wisdom, an even better high-frequency reproduction than its smaller siblings. And, it of course reproduces frequencies all the way down into the midbass region. We have found that, all else being equal, larger diameter wide-banders do tend to reproduce a more natural, liquid and flowing midrange. But yes, there are limits to this rule as well of course…. and beyond a certain size, high frequency performance is bound to be affected

As this was a total redesign from ground up, we took the opportunity to make this a “one-box” design… and eliminate the several problems our previous two-box units had in terms of user-friendliness. The completely redesigned bass section has three 7 inch custom designed bass drivers set in a unique double-isobaric system, with the last drivers loading a 4 foot long horn to increase acoustic output and dynamics. The bass is powered by a 120 wpc amplifier in each enclosure, and has a volume control. It also incorporates a low-pass filter that is continuously variable between 75hz and 150hz. This user adjustable filter combined with volume attenuation allows for total control of bass integration in virtually any room.

We take great pride in the speed, tightness, control and seamless integration of the bass with the music emanating out of the full-range drivers. This is where a huge amount of our work went into.

While all our loudspeakers have similar attributes, and hearing any one of them will tell you it is a Rethm, the Saadhana just takes each of these attributes to its highest level with higher and smoother highs, a beautifully detailed and yet refined midrange, and extremely deep and authoritative bass…… which all comes together to get one even closer to the music.

The Saadhana is recommended for rooms up to 800 sq.ft. ( 80 sq.m. ).