Good Vibrations

In October 1966 The Beach Boys released “Good Vibrations” and it was Christmas of that same year that my lifelong musical journey began when my parents bought me a very basic 3” reel to reel recorder.

From that day music has been my lifeblood and without it I feel empty; it is my best friend in times of need and where words’ fail music often speaks. Music is alive and music is emotion. Music can take your mood and change it. It has the ability to transport you to places of memory, be they happy or sad. Music gives life colour.

Forty four years after Brian, Dennis, Carl and their friends were singing about Good Vibrations I decided to launch Oriton, with one explicit goal; to develop high-end audio products with vibration control to the fore of their design. I absolutely believe that it is only through minimising vibrations in high-fidelity audio components that we will be truly be able to appreciate the music they reproduce.

Of course, life takes us on many a varied path and after serving my apprenticeship at Westland Helicopters I found myself working for the Ministry of Defence in England. Never for one moment did I think that the things I learned there would help formulate my thoughts around the importance of vibration control in the reproduction of music. But they have!

Take for example a submarine. The hollow vessel has an enormous amount of sensitive electronic equipment on board and they must be kept under control from vibrations, yet still flexible in their mountings. These same foundations of vibration control and flexibility can be seen in the Oriton R33 Support System. Each shelf is detached from the next with regards to vibration transference. Its structure is made from carbon fibre and Delrin which offers up an exceedingly light yet supportive framework on which to place your high-fidelity components. Furthermore the shelves are specially shaped to effectively reduce standing waves.

Since developing the R33 Support System I have taken the concepts learned and applied them to a number of other products including the SC-35 Support Cone.

Whilst working with the Ministry of Defence with digital and analogue signals it became clear that noise was incredibly detrimental to the successful transfer of these signals. It was then that I began to forge the idea for an effective audio cable. Years later these germs of ideas have come to fruition in the Oriton Black Racers, Diamond Reds and Symphony Orange interconnects. The cables have taken a long time to grow from the initial idea to a finished product and have seen many incarnations during development, but I believe it is only through continued development and refinement of the original concept that we begin to understand the synergies between different components that go to make up a finished product.

The products I have formulated and developed over many years have come together in the range currently represented by Oriton. I will continue to seek out inspiration for reducing vibration and noise in audio components and will persist in advancing this insight into creating groundbreaking products that help you, the end user, get the very best from your musical playback system.

Oriton will help you experience the good vibrations that come from the heart of the music and not the vibrations that hinder the immense joy that music can bring.

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