Key features include:

  • Low Noise 35VA EI Core Transformer
  • High Quality Schurter switched IEC Power Inlet
  • Schottky Bridge Rectifier Diodes
  • Over 20,000uF of filter Capacitance
  • Polypropylene bypass capacitors
  • Selectable 120/240V Input Voltage

All models come standard with AC mains cable and 2.5mm~2.5mm output cable & 5 year warranty.
We also carry a variety of custom cables and adapters. Call or email us for compatibility with your product.
All supplies are fully regulated and available in the following voltages:
VDC•5 MKII       5.0V @ 2.5A
VDC•7 MKII        7.0V @ 2.0A
VDC•9 MKII        9.0V @ 1.5A
VDC•12 MKII      12.0V @ 1.0A


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