Our phono preamplifier Orpheus SE is high quality product realized with discrete op-amps. The preamplifier can work with MM and MC cartridges. We use passive RIAA correction, including two stages. First section has gain 30db and second section has gain 40db.The passive RIAA EQ networks for 50Hz pole and 2122Hz are realized with high quality resistors and capacitors and are located between first and second stages. For the 500Hz pole we use mix RLC network, where primary wind of output transformer is part of this network. We don’t use signal capacitor in the sound path which puts phase shift in signal. The discrete op-amp consists ultra linear BJT transistors with current mirrors and zero DC offset. The MC section doesn’t use active amplification and high quality MC step-up transformer from Lundahl or Sowter and 1:18 ratio. The preamplifier is powered with separate battery power supply and low noise linear charger. Inside the preamplifier is silver wired (pure silver 99.9999).All passive components are high grade audio and low tolerance (Mundorff, Nichicon, LCR and Vishy ).

Technical data:

MM input sensitive: 5mV
MC input sensitive: 0,4mV
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Output level: 2Vpp RCA and 4Vpp XLR
Input impedance MM: 47kOhm
Input impedance MC: 100 Ohm
Warranty: 5 years


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