A dipole speaker configured for the living room.

The Master Line Source 2 is a smaller version of the Master Line Source that can also be integrated in standard living rooms. It is the result of a close cooperative alliance between the PIEGA Head Developer Kurt Scheuch and the designer Stephan Hürlemann. Like its epic prototype, the MLS 2 also operates on the symmetrical line source principle. Four mid-range speakers and tweeters, mounted one above the other, emit sound in a vertical, cylindrical configuration, resulting in an exceedingly clear and detailed sound pattern.

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Acoustic lens with lamellae.

The combined mid-range and tweeter ribbons, termed the line source drivers, emit sound, firstly, directly to the front; in addition, their sound, which is emitted backward consistent with the dipole characteristic is transformed into a wholly diffuse sound field by way of an elaborately engineered acoustic lens. Using diffraction and reflection, lamellae composed of painted MDF distribute the sound so expansively that it is only possible to place a dipole speaker within a space as a conventional loudspeaker if the MLS 2 is deployed.

Non-oscillating cabinet.

In order to uncompromisingly leverage the drivers’ high quality and lack of distortion, utmost care has been taken to ensure a lack of vibration in the cabinet. The Line Source Drivers are mounted within a 10 mm thick aluminium baffle, the entire surface of which is glued to the actual cabinet. This consists of a composite of MDF boards and the viscoelastic heavy-duty film Idikell – an extremely solid and rigid structure, which provides the two PIEGA woofers, which have also been developed from scratch and which measure 220 mm in diameter, as well as the two rear passively oscillating radiators, a perfect operating environment.


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