In-wall 5.25″




PIEGA Loudspeaker Series

The two PIEGA In-wall 5.25“ and In-wall 6.5“ loudspeakers have a rectangular format and a conventional two-way fitting. Here too, a 130 or 165 mm MDS low mid-range loudspeaker in conjunction with the 26 mm LDS dome tweeter provides an amazingly voluminous and fine-resolution sound pattern.

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Recommended for stereo and home cinema systems

The baffle of the smaller PIEGA in-wall loudspeaker corresponds exactly to the DIN A4 format. With its particularly small installation depth of only 77 mm, the system – which is equipped with a 130 mm low mid-range loudspeaker and 26 mm LDS tweeter dome – can be used almost everywhere.

Perfect stereo constellation

The in-wall models are particularly suitable for a stereo arrangement and/or a central speaker, as well as the rear surround channels of a home cinema system.

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