ELNA Audio Capacitors   Extremely Low Ripple Noise 

Top of the line ELNA Capactitors for audio application offer unmatched details. Ripple Noise measurement by Lab. <3mv on 19VDC/12VDC/9V/5V output. Linear Technology LT1083 Low Dropout Positive Fixed Regulators. 

19V/12V/9V/5VDC Independent Output 

True Separate Ground Design. No shared Ground Guarantee No Cross RFI/EMI Interference. This is a must for multi-rail Linear PSU. Dedicated circuit for 19V/12V, Two LT1083 for 9V/5V (9V is User Adjustable from 5V-19.5V via external knob)

Reliable and Versatile 

HDPLEX 200W Linear Power Supply uses XLR-7.4/5.0mm for HDPLEX 400W Hi-Fi DC-ATX Converter/Thin ITX AIO/Intel NUC system, XLR-5.5X2.5mm for PicoPSU, XLR-5.5X2.1mm for PPA/SoTM/JPLAY USB Card and 5.5/2.5-SATA for SSD. 


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