Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC mkII




About the Akiko Audio Tuning Sticks 

The Akiko Audio Tuning Stick is based on an entirely new developed technique and is absolutely unique in the high end accessories market.

It all came to be by consistently applying know techniques and new insights, in the areas of crystal patterns, paramagnetic and piezoelectric properties of natural raw materials. This is all brought together in a stylish housing of woven carbon, a modern material, capable of enhancing the properties of these materials even further.

The Tuning Stick’s contents are stabilized with black resin, a material which sufficiently suppresses microphony effects. This is an important condition for a calm and pleasant rendering of the music.

Furthermore each Tuning Stick is designed and made by hand in our studio in Maastricht, so no cheap import. Handmade in Holland!

We offer four versions of the Tuning Stick, each with its own composition and specifically designed for its task in the
audio/video setup.

This all works because we applied new discoveries in the field of high frequency noise suppression. That it works has also been demonstrated through measurements: suppressing high frequency noise leads to a more pleasant music rendering in the audio spectrum.

Akiko Audio measurementsAkiko Audio Tuning Mix AC mkII

– Dimensions: 150 mm x 22 mm.
– Two copper conductors.
– The Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC mkII is Hand Made.
– The cryogenic treated Audiograde AC Connector belongs to
the Akiko Audio brand.
– Treated with contact enhancer.
– The Tuning Mix AC mkII has been energetically treated for a long
– 100-250 volt.

Tuning Stick AC mkII

Use: in an unused input of your power strip or socket, or in a socket in the electricity meter cupboard. This Tuning Stick comes with a short firm connection with plug. Only the grounding makes a connection, which is completely safe. The grounding in your house is probably polluted, seeing as it’s its job to deduct all impurities to the grounding outside the house. By filling the Tuning Stick with a unique High Tech A.A.T., again stabilized with a special resin and provided with a carbon housing, we have developed a technique which makes it possible to treat this grounding. The improvements can be heard very well; calmer, an increase in energy and a very natural sound is what you can expect.

Akiko Audio Award
Each Tuning Stick is delivered in a solid packaging. All four Tuning Sticks can be combined, more only enhance the performance. Thanks to our 14 days return policy you can try out everything at home.


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