We set out to design a loudspeaker that delivered on the emotional magic – that “something special” that only wide-banders seem to have — while ensuring that they did not suffer the down sides common to this genre of loudspeakers – namely an elevated upper midrange response, and a lack of bass.

All of this had to be done within a package that was compact, inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing enough to catch the eye…. with an involuntary “wow’!

With a proprietary custom designed full-range driver and a very compactly designed isobaric bass enclosure using two 6.5 inch drivers which fill in the bass frequencies below 100 hz, we have a true full-range performer (admittedly not going into subterranean bass levels) within a petite and extremely space and décor-friendly enclosure.

The Trishna is recommended for rooms up to about 250 sq.ft. ( 25 sq.m ).