The SC-35 Support Cones have been designed and developed for maximum placement, flexibility and stability.

Placement flexibility of equipment support cones is vitally important if you are to realise the full potential of your equipment. One major problem with placement is the uncertain environment support cones are expected to work in. Often the chassis of equipment it has to support has screws, nuts and undulations that effect precise placement.

The R33 Support System had already shown that cones can play an important roll in curbing unwanted vibrations, so we designed the new SC-35 Support Cones to solve the problem.

The new advanced castellated designs allow for a more precise cone placement and works in areas susceptible to variations and vibrations. Whether this be between component and shelf or speaker and its stand.

This cutting-edge design consists of two support cones, an outer cone which in turn supports the inner cone. The inner cone is damped from the outer cone by a viscous-elastic coupler and remains in contact with the outer cone which acts as a drain and removes vibrations from within the equipment. Our matching of rigid and compliant materials gives optimal control.

Unlike the cones used for the R33 support system the SC-35 tips do not move when it has weight placed upon it.

Placement should start with one cone directly under the transformer or CD drive of your equipment, with a further two placed for stability forming a triangle at 2, 6 and 10 o’clock. Larger equipment may require additional support to avoid flexing.

Keeping one cone under the CD drive and moving each of the two remaining cones in turn by small adjustments of 10mm will make a difference to the sound you experience allowing an open and lively experience without that “excited” sound.

These innovative cones certainly offer noticeable improvements in musicality, clarity and dynamics when used with a wide range of equipment, and therefore come highly recommended.

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Patent application no: GB1102497.3

Note: Price Per SC35 cone

SC-35 Support Cone

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