• High Speed signal conductor
  • Triplesymmetrical Design
  • DUO-PE II Insulation
  • 16-fold PE-Tube Insulation
  • GAP ll screening
  • PE-Network Jacket

Due to the large effective overall surface of the six high-speed signal conductors, the Referenz NF-1603 becomes a powerful high-end link. At the same time, the DUO-PE II insulation and the air-filled PE tubes reduce unwanted capacitance and enable the signal source to work comfortably. The GAP II screening of the NF-1603 is a combination of lacquer-insulated wires and an aluminium-coated film with an air gap. The screening prevents the formation of interfering eddy currents. Another highlight of the third-generation is the GAP II cinch plugs, which ensure three-way symmetry in this connection. As an alternative, this cable is also available as an XLR version. The PE network jacket also prevents micro-vibrations.



The NF-1603 has fine stranded signal wires, with each individual wire having a lacquer coating. This coating insulates the wires from each other which creates a larger effective conductor surface. It also prevents eddy currents between the wires. A conductor that can also pass on extremely dynamic signal sequences very quickly and precisely.



This newly developed high end plug enables a symmetrical connection to be made up to the terminals of the equipment. Thanks to its two-piece earth ring, this RCA plug has three contacts, exactly like an XLR plug. The screening and negative conductors are only brought together again when at the terminals of the equipment.



We have long set the bar very high in regard to quality, because cables and connections are extremely sensitive. Physical phenomena that arise during the transmission of signals can only be controlled with technical finesse and the best materials. For this reason all cables are manufactured in a German cable mill and finished by us in Ballrechten-Dottingen in elaborate manual work.



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