The R33 Support System and associated platforms have been carefully designed and developed to minimise vibrations and resonances without compromising on style and the advantages are clear to hear.

The R33 gives you openness and full scale dynamics, improving sound quality of both audio and video equipment. The structure is flexible, allowing for movement in both the front to back and the left to right planes whilst maintaining the strength and integrity to support large heavy equipment.

Each material has been carefully selected to contribute to the overall reduction in vibrations and resonance, while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Carbon fibre offers strength and lightness and stores very little energy. The quicker this unwanted energy is expelled the better. This reduces smearing, resulting in a beautiful clean sound.

The main structure of the R33 support system is machined from a polymer which further damps and reduces unwanted vibrations. The R33 support system is completely glueless, further reducing the negative impact upon sound.

Optimal Vibration Control
The shape of the 20mm acrylic shelves reduce the build up of standing waves and are supported by four optimal vibration control units which fit perfectly into each frame. These units control vibrations through the use of propriety damping materials which dissipate equipment and acoustically coupled resonances.

The tip of each optimal vibration control unit (of which there are four per level) perfectly fit shelf recesses, supporting and allowing for a degree of movement left to right, front to back and rotationally. The body of the vibration control units stay in constant contact with the frame reducing repeat vibrations.

Main Support
The entire structure rests on four main adjustable support cones.

Inter Level Adjustment
Adjustment is performed using your heaviest piece of equipment at the lowest level (using a supplied t-bar). Manufacturing tolerances of the R33 is such that there is no need for each shelf to be independently adjusted.

The R33 is available in either Black or White and with standard shelf spacing but can be custom specified to suit your needs.

Overall Width: 23″ – 584mm approx
Overall Depth: 16″ – 406mm approx

Shelf Width: 17.5″ – 444mm approx. (equipment carrying size)
Shelf Depth: 14″ – 355mm approx. (equipment carrying size)

Spacer: 6″ will accommadate equipment with an overall height of 3.5″ – 89mm approx
Spacer: 8″ will accommadate equipment with an overall height of 5.5″ – 140mm approx
Spacer: 10″ will accommodate equipment with an overall height of 7.5″ – 190mm approx

Note: Price Shelf of The R33 support system

R33 Audio Support System

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