Conforming to the Rethm Loudspeaker philosophy we wanted to create a loudspeaker that portrayed all the emotional magic and realism our Loudspeakers are known for.

The Maarga has been designed for the music-lover who wants a little “more” than the Trishna but still wants a reasonably compact loudspeaker that is aesthetically unique.

And what does the Maarga do that the Trishna does not?

After having worked with full-range drivers for a decade, we have noticed that the larger the wide-bander, the better the midrange. The mid- and upper-bass naturally is better and fuller as well ( ….. however, there is a limit to “how big” — as beyond an optimum it starts exhibiting treble loss ). The Maarga delivers on this premise, and quite simply delivers “more” of everything. With a custom made 6 inch driver instead of the 5 inch of the Trishna, with a bigger and longer labyrinth, with a larger isobaric bass enclosure, a more powerful bass amplifier, and a completely different “active” low-pass filter circuit, we are looking at a loudspeaker that takes the Trishna’s performance to the next level.

The Maarga is recommended for rooms up to about 400 sq.ft. ( 40 sq.m. ).