The Orion has been designed for use with simple audio systems featuring minimal components – for example, a CD player and integrated amplifier, or a high-end CD source fed direct to a power amplifier. As an audio system grows, more Orion units can be specified to raise the performance of the system as a whole. However, it is also possible to specify the unit as a four, six or eight-way strip. In this configuration, the unit has two high-current outlets and two, four or six medium-current outlets, as opposed to one high-current outlet (for amps) and one medium-current outlet (for source components) in the standard two-socket version.

Orion is based upon the technological breakthroughs first seen in the multi-award-winning GII Mini Sub full system power conditioner. Its sophisticated circuitry uses complex multiple shunt, series and delta filter networks, coupled with proprietary Gating© principles and Polaris-X© technology. These features eliminate component cross-contamination, an essential part of high-performance power conditioning.

IsoTek does not believe in suppling or including poor quality £1.00 black plastic power cables with its products.

GII Orion

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