Introducing the Equi=Core 50/150 and 300 models of fully Balanced Power Cable Systems. These are remarkable products born directly of science and delivered in an affordable and robust package designed for your audio/video or computer system needs. They combine a high quality power cord with a fully balanced line conditioner. Balanced Power as a technology has been proven to improve system performance on many levels; lower noise, eliminate hum and offer a finer degree of available resolution component to component – not to mention a degree of added protection. The problem to date is these devices have been very expensive, cumbersome and limited to the overall power spec of the device. You exceed the available power and no dice – system overload. At Core Power Technologies we have looked at this very closely and we believe that the best way to manage this problem is to offer a singular Balanced Power Cable System at precisely targeted power needs (read limits) and do so with the finest components built for their given prices. The entire Equi=Core family affords reliable and repeatable Balanced Power to your given power need. There are three models, each with their own Max Power Spec. We urge you to use the one that best fits your component needs. Each model works just the like the rest – the only difference is the MAX POWER you may use with each Balanced Power Cable System. Here is the pricing and details.

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