Vibrations both mechanical and electrical get passed from one piece of equipment to another either by cables or supports, both of which we need.

Once these vibrations are in your system they have no where to go, these vibrations which we call monsters sit just below the surface, just below audibility and mess with the sound.

System cables hang like huge antennas picking up every noise and vibration that your system can fire at them and a reduction in the transference of noise between equipment can make a huge difference.

Introducing the Black Bullets…
They reduce vibrations by positioning themselves in the signal path, between two pieces of equipment. Simply add a pair of Black Bullets to one end of your interconnects and start enjoying music.

The Oriton Black Bullets take all of five seconds to fit and produce a superb return of sound quality. To me, buying a set of Oriton Bullets for your hi-fi chain is a complete no brainer. Hi-Fi World

Naim users lusting after a Hi-Line interconnect but either don’t have or don’t want to spend the £600+ required can instead spend £85 on Black Bullets and get most of the same from their existing cables. Result! Hi-Fi+

Length: 2-3/4″ – 67mm approx
Width: 9/16″ – 14mm approx

patent pending

Note: Price Per Set of Black Bullets

Black Bullets

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