Baldur 300 – superior

We are very proud to present you our latest innovation, the Baldur 300 superior.

More power, more quality, more music enjoyment.

This highest – class product emphasizes the excellent basic properties of the Baldur 300 even more.

Provided with a first class high capacitive condenser bank and a premium high accurate output multilayer transformer with access for 4, 6 and 8 ohms this unit is more than first – grade. The multiplicity of accesses offers new possibilities in the use of different speakers and provides an even bigger scope of musical space. The exorbitant high power breaks a new world with an unprecedented sound, quality and pleasure to the listener.

More than 15 years of experience have leaded to this excellent product which trumps even the excellent functions of his predecessor, the Baldur 300. The distinguished technique is even more improved and filed. Only the best, expensive, highest quality components were used.

Of course all amenities of the Baldur 300 as well as the beautiful design were retained.

The Baldur 300 superior is available from summer 2011.

We have spared no pain and expensive to provide you with this amazing delicacy of musical quality whose overwhelming sound and power will definitely express you. Convince yourself!

Technical Specification :

· power consumption: 500 VA nominal, – ( by max. output – 1500 VA )
· max output: 300 watt-RMS
· nominal output: 240 watt sinus – 1% distortion at 8 ohm load.
· damping: 25
· bandwide: 10 hz – 60 khz
· s/n ratio: – 84 dbm
· gain 30 db
· distortion: 10w – 0,15%; 50w – 0,22%; 100w – 0,3%; 200w – 1%
· XLR and RCA input (fake XLR)
· input resistance: 47k
· 4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals
· weight: 55 kg
· size: 49 * 52 * 43 cm (w*d*h)

The amplifier can spend more the 40 ampere signal current on a low impedance output load like a Magnetostat


the excellente distortion ratio will be documented  on this spectral analyse chart


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