The AF-S8 is an extraordinary speaker on every aspect. The adoption of wrest-planks on the two sides of the cabinet transform the vibrational capacities of the speaker in a real musical instrument extending the musical reproduction of each single note till the 13th harmonic. Every nuance of the original musical message is reproduced with extreme naturalness and musicality involving physically and emotionally the listener, bringing him to an unprecedented listening experience.

The AF-S8 is a speaker with extraordinary characteristics of extreme speed, depth and detail, high precision and natural musicality, high timbral and tonal accuracy and transmission capacity of a huge and real dynamic impact…Have you ever listened to the big orchestra from the conductor’s podium?


Drive units: 1x subwoofer Morel 9”, 4x woofer Morel 6”, 1x cone midrange Morel 5”, 1x ribbon tweeter Fountek 5”

Tecnology: S-SYSTEM transverse channel and S-SYSTEM system air suspension

Type: 4½ way hybrid

Frequency response: 16Hz – 50kHz +/- 3db

Sensitivity: 95 db SPL (1W 2.83V / 1m)

Harmonic distortion: < 0,9% 31,5Hz – 50kHz

Impedance: 4 Ω

Connections: Gold plated, Tri-wiring / Tri-amp ready

Power Handling: 5W / 500W

Dimensions: H 1450 x W 400 x D 440

Finishes: Wood or Lacquered


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