The AF-S2 is the most beloved stand-mount speaker of our production. With the benefits of the phenomenal S-SYSTEM technology, the AF-S2 can sonorize small-medium environments with a natural and transparent emission. In these compact speakers the mids and mid-bass frequency are issued with a spectacular open balanced sound, crystal-clear, natural and extremely dynamic.

Easy to drive from any amplification, the AF-S2 surprising about the quality of sonic detail and the innate naturalness and depth of the low frequencies, typical of the S-SYSTEM technology.

The AF-S2 is the ideal solution for the audiophile who has a limited listening space but demanding in terms of audio quality without compromise.


Drive units: 1x mid-woofer Morel 6”, 1x dome tweeter Morel 1”(or ribbon Fountek 1,5”)

Tecnology: S-SYSTEM porthole channel

Type: 2½ way Reflex

Frequency response: 18Hz – 25kHz (or 40kHz) +/- 6db

Sensitivity: 90 db SPL (1W 2.83V / 1m)

Harmonic distortion: < 1,1% 25kHz (o 40kHz)

Impedance: 8 Ω

Connections: Gold plated, Bi-wiring / Bi-amp ready

Power Handling: 5W / 100W

Dimensions: H 300 x W 190 x D 290

Finishes: Wood or Lacquered

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