The AF-INT1 is the state-of-the-art integrated amp in the low-power vacuum tubes amplifiers of our production. With its simplicity of operation, small footprint and all the sonic characteristics of our larger amplifiers, AF-INT1 is an high value of refined aesthetics and musicality.

For audiophiles that looking for the ultimate in versatility of an amplifier based on their budget, the AF-INT1 allows to interchanging the vacuum tubes of the preamplifier stage while maintaining the same precision and high sound quality.

Equipped with automatic polarization and a large VU meter, with its operation simple and elegant AF-INT1 remains a sonic and aesthetic jewel of all our production of electronic equipment.


Type: Pure Class A Integrated Tubes Amp

Vacuum Tubes: 2 x ECC83S/ECC82 – 4 x EL84

Output: 12W/channel into 8 Ω

Power Bandwidth: 1Hz at 100KHz (-6dB/1W)

Distortion: 0,5% at 1W/1KHz

S/N Ratio: 90dB

Power Consumption: 230 VA

Dimensions: W 230 x H 200 x D 280

Finishes: Aluminum satin black


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