After over 40 years of enjoying audio I have come to the conclusion that there is no wrong or right but rather just personal preference. At Worldwide Wholesales we have tested over 400 different speaker models, almost 400 different cable models, including 94 different power cables, over 70 different digital front ends, over 50 different vibration systems and over 75 different conditioning systems. The one thing we know for sure is that there is no one perfect system that is correct but rather complete systems that match what you prefer in your particular sound room because all rooms sound different. I personally believe it all starts with the efficiency of the speakers you choose. I also prefer a passive conditioner with the Akiko Corelli plugged into one of the outlets, for the cleanest most honest unfiltered conditioning.

The efficiency of the speaker will determine your choice of amplifier and in most cases high efficient speaker owners choose SET amplifiers. People with low efficiency speakers tend to use high powered amplifiers. In our opinion it is all about system matching to your room and your ears. We believe our job is to tell you what we have experienced with all the different brands that we have tested and to help you put together a system that you want to keep forever. The key is to take what you already like about your system and keep those pieces will replacing your weak links in your system.

Our never ending search for great sound has certainly been a worldwide experience because we import brands from; Germany, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Bulgaria, Canada and the US. If I could say one thing to people that love audio, it would be; TRUST YOUR EARS!